Dear Supporters,

With less than a month remaining before the April 4th election we must redouble our efforts to ensure every voter is made aware of the skills, perspective, and energy that will make Jude an excellent steward of our city’s greatest asset, Evanston Township High School.

If you feel, as I do, that elections have consequences and the perspective Jude will bring to the board is needed, please take a moment and click one of the Donate buttons you see below. Your donation will fund yard signs, mailers, and continued community outreach during these critical last few weeks.

Jude is eager to bring his 26 years of experience in education back to the high school that he cherishes. If elected Jude will support the well-established programs that are working for the highest performing students, while also being a uniquely knowledgeable and engaged advocate for strategies designed to narrow the existing achievement gap. If this is important to you, you can help make it happen.

This is our final push. Your help is essential and greatly appreciated. Please support Jude by donating in March so that we all might celebrate his victory on April 4th!

Thank you for your consideration and continued support,
Steve O’Connor
Hon. Campaign Chair

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