Pamela Cytrynbaum

I am thrilled to be part of Jude’s campaign team because he is exactly the right person for the job! As one of five children of Haitian immigrant parents, Jude has lived the experience that gives him a depth of knowledge and dedication these times require. He took the best ETHS has to offer and made a life in teaching, in restorative justice, in mentoring on Chicago’s West Side. Every single day for 26 years Jude has been on the front lines of education, of equity, of engagement, of reaching students, of re-engaging parents, guardians, community members.

This is not simply Jude’s work. It is Jude’s life. And the man Jude Laude is is exactly who he was destined to become. Those of us who have known him since our glory days as the Class of ’84 know exactly who this man is. And we support him with passion!!! Every single person from our beloved ETHS Class of 1984 who hears Jude is running for a seat on the ETHS Board says – WHAT CAN I DO? Why? Because Jude Laude is – and has always been – a good man in a storm. He is exactly who he is. He does what he says he will do. Always has. He uses his sharp intellect, his broad education, his lived experience as a Black man, his impressive 26-year career as an educator, his wisdom as a father of 4 – he uses all of what he has, who he is, for the good of his community. I am so grateful to be part of his Beloved community. I am grateful that my cherished daughter, who now attends my cherished school, has the chance to receive all of that wisdom, loyalty, dedication and power offered by Jude Laude.